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Lists of best titles (4 lists)
Lists by adapted writers (12 lists)

Alan Dean Foster (17 titles)

Candace Bushnell (6 titles)

Charles Dickens (45 titles)

Jack Kirby (28 titles)

Harlan Coben (10 titles)

Ian Fleming (21 titles)

Jane Austen (42 titles)

Stan Lee (38 titles)

Nora Roberts (12 titles)

Robert Harris (18 titles)

Shakespeare (23 titles)

Stephen King (117 titles)

Filmmakers inspired by books (5 lists)

Steven Spielberg (24 titles)

Tim Burton (11 titles)

Clint Eastwood (19 titles)

Stanley Kubrick (10 titles)

Alfred Hitchcock (14 titles)

The most adapted books (7 lists)

A Christmas Carol (26 titles)

Dracula (11 titles)

Sense and Sensibility (8 titles)

Emma (10 titles)

Children of the Corn (7 titles)

Pride and Prejudice (18 titles)

Three Musketeers (8 titles)

Lists by types of books (2 lists)

Biographies (469 titles)

Novelizations (644 titles)

Types of movies and TV series (3 lists)

Cult Movies (109 titles)

Spy Movies (73 titles)

Superhero Movies (123 titles)

Sagas, spin-offs and franchises (9 lists)

Adapted by Disney (37 titles)

Disney Novels (21 titles)

Dreamworks (19 titles)

Harry Potter (10 titles)

Marvel Comics (37 titles)

Pixar Novelizations (19 titles)

Star Wars (12 titles)

Star Trek (12 titles)

X-Men (11 titles)

Lists by subject and keywords (8 lists)

American Football (21 titles)

Dystopias (48 titles)

Horror & Terror (118 titles)

Mountaineering (57 titles)

Serial Killers (42 titles)

Survival (32 titles)

Time Travel (29 titles)

Based on True Story (150 titles)

Lists of awarded titles (3 lists)

“The biggest challenge of adapting the book was trying to make the inner lives of the characters legible through their outward actions.”