The Caine Mutiny. Poster of the 1954 movie and cover of the 1951 book
The Caine Mutiny
Herman Wouk, 1951
movie vs book
Edward Dmytryk, 1954

Commanding the WWII mine sweeping ship The Caine, Captain Queeg displays persistent signs of paranoia and engages in dubious actions during his service. Ultimately, his First Officer relieves him of duty, triggering a gripping court-martial trial that unfolds against the backdrop of these events.

Lady in the Lake. Poster of the 1946 movie and cover of the 1943 book, The Lady in the Lake
The Lady in the Lake
Raymond Chandler, 1943
movie vs book
Robert Montgomery, 1946

A publisher hires Phillip Marlowe to track down his wife, who is rumored to have fled to Mexico. But as soon as someone is killed, the matter gets considerably more complicated. The private investigator gets entangled in a murder soon after.