Our Mutual Friend. Poster of the 1998 TV series and cover of the 1865 book
Our Mutual Friend
Charles Dickens, 1865
TV series vs book
Julian Farino, 1998

John Harmon, a young man whose inheritance depends on his marrying a woman he has never met, is found dead in the River Thames. The fortune passes into the hands of the working-class Boffins, who take into their new home both Bella Wilfer and a mysterious secretary known as Rokesmith. Meanwhile, Lizzie Hexam, the daughter of the boatman suspected of Harmon’s murder, is pursued by two suitors.

The Muppet Christmas Carol. Poster of the 1992 movie and cover of the 1843 book, A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens, 1843
movie vs book
Brian Henson, 1992

On Christmas Eve, in 19th century London, Charles Dickens and his friend Rizzo act as narrators throughout the film. His loyal employee Bob Cratchit and the other bookkeepers request to have Christmas Day off since there will be no business for Scrooge on the day, to which he reluctantly agrees.

The Beckoning Silence. Poster of the 2007 movie and cover of the 2002 book
The Beckoning Silence
Joe Simpson, 2002
movie vs book
Louise Osmond, 2007

Joe Simpson, whose battle for survival featured in ‘Touching the Void’, travels to the Eiger to tell the story of one of mountaineering’s most epic tragedies. Toni Kurz was a brilliant mountaineer who in 1936 tried to be the first to conquer the north face of the Eiger. The climb started well, but disaster struck and Kurz’s climbing colleagues were killed, leaving him alone and fighting for his life.

The Jacket. Poster of the 2005 movie and cover of the 1914 book, The Star Rover
The Star Rover
Jack London, 1914
movie vs book
John Maybury, 2005

After miraculously recovering from an apparently fatal bullet wound to the head, Gulf War veteran Jack Starks returns to Vermont in 1992, suffering from periods of amnesia. While walking, he sees a young girl, Jackie, and her alcoholic mother in despair beside their broken-down truck. Starks and Jackie quickly form a certain affinity; she asks him to give her his dogtags and he does so.

The Thirteenth Tale. Poster of the 2013 movie and cover of the 2006 book
The Thirteenth Tale
Diane Setterfield, 2006
movie vs book
James Kent, 2013

Biographer Margaret Lea arrives at the country house of famous novelist Vida Winter. She has been invited to stay there and help Vida write her biography before she dies of cancer. Margaret is hesitant, as Vida is known for telling a different story each time she is asked about her background in interviews, so she requests some verifiable information from public record.

Underworld: Evolution. Poster of the 2006 movie and cover of the book novelization
Underworld: Evolution
Greg Cox, 2006
movie vs book   [NOVELIZATION]
Len Wiseman, 2006

In 1202, an army led by the three vampire elders arrives at a village full of Werewolves. In the present day, vampiress Selene takes Michael to a safe house so that she can confront the vampire regent Kraven; she knows that Kraven intends to kill Markus and plans to stop him.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Poster of the 2009 movie and cover of the book novelization
Rise of the Lycans
Greg Cox, 2009
movie vs book   [NOVELIZATION]
Patrick Tatopoulos, 2009

The film tells the story of Lucian, the first werewolf born capable of taking human form and the first to be called a Lycan. Sonja is reckless and insubordinate, and one night Lucian escapes the shackles preventing him from turning werewolf and rescues Sonja from his werewolf brethren.

The Shepherd. Poster of the 2023 movie and cover of the 1975 book
The Shepherd
Frederick Forsyth, 1975
movie vs book
Iain Softley, 2023

On Christmas Eve, a fighter pilot heading home finds himself lost mid-flight over open waters, desperately in need of a miracle to make a safe landing.

La otra Bolena. Poster of the 2003 movie and cover of the 2001 book, The Other Boleyn Girl
The Other Boleyn Girl
Philippa Gregory, 2001
movie vs book
Philippa Lowthorpe, 2003

The film follows the story of Mary Boleyn, sister to Anne and George Boleyn. Henry VIII favours Mary, recently married to William Carey, and lady-in-waiting to his wife, Catherine of Aragon. Despite her objections, Mary is forced by her ambitious family to become the King’s mistress. Mary’s sister, Anne falls in love with Lord Henry Percy and, despite Mary’s warnings, they consummate the affair.

Bone in the Throat. Poster of the 2015 movie and cover of the 1995 book
Bone in the Throat
Anthony Bourdain, 1995
movie vs book
Graham Henman, 2015

In a fast-paced and gritty narrative, a young and ambitious chef from East End London finds himself entangled with the local mob. While showcasing his culinary expertise, he becomes an inadvertent witness to a murder unfolding right in his own kitchen, leaving him trapped in a dangerous predicament.

The Confessions of Frannie Langton. Poster of the 2022 TV series and cover of the 2019 book
The Confessions of Frannie Langton
Sara Collins, 2019
TV series vs book
Sara Collins, 2022-

Frannie Langton is on trial for the murder of her employers, George Benham and his wife Marguerite. The public is captivated by the case and Frannie is portrayed as a seductress and manipulator in the media. Frannie claims to have no memory of the murders, but tells a story of her childhood on a Jamaican plantation and her apprenticeship under a scientist, leading up to her employment with the Benhams and her involvement in a forbidden relationship. Frannie’s testimony may lead to her conviction, but it also reveals deeper crimes and corruption within English society.

The Postcard Killings. Poster of the 2020 movie and cover of the 2010 book, The Postcard Killers
The Postcard Killers
James Patterson, Liza Marklund, 2010
movie vs book
Danis Tanovic, 2020

Jacob Kanon, a New York detective, investigates the death of his daughter who was murdered while on her honeymoon; he recruits the help of Scandinavian journalist Dessie Lombard when other couples throughout Europe suffer a similar fate.