Underworld. Poster of the 2003 movie and cover of the book novelization
Greg Cox, 2003
movie vs book   [NOVELIZATION]
Len Wiseman, 2003

For generations, a secret war has raged between vampires and Lycans, an ancient species of werewolf. After years of fighting between the two enemy races, the vampires have seemingly gained the upper hand following the death of the Lycan leader Lucian at the hands of a vampire named Kraven, who subsequently became the second-in-command to the vampires’ triumvirate of leading elders.

Underworld: Evolution. Poster of the 2006 movie and cover of the book novelization
Underworld: Evolution
Greg Cox, 2006
movie vs book   [NOVELIZATION]
Len Wiseman, 2006

In 1202, an army led by the three vampire elders arrives at a village full of Werewolves. In the present day, vampiress Selene takes Michael to a safe house so that she can confront the vampire regent Kraven; she knows that Kraven intends to kill Markus and plans to stop him.

Impostor. Poster of the 2001 movie and cover of the 1953 book, Imposter
Philip K. Dick, 1953
movie vs book
Gary Fleder, 2001

The film takes place in 2079. Forty-five years earlier, Earth was attacked by a hostile and implacable alien civilization from Alpha Centauri. Force field domes are put in place to protect cities, and a totalitarian global military government is established to effect the war and the survival of humans. The Centaurians have never been physically seen.