The Frighteners. Poster of the 1996 movie and cover of the book novelization
The Frighteners
Michael Jahn, 1996
movie vs book   [NOVELIZATION]
Peter Jackson, 1996

In 1990, architect Frank Bannister’s wife, Debra, dies in a car accident. He abandons his profession and his unfinished dream house sits incomplete. Following the accident, Frank gained the power to see ghosts and befriends three: 1970s street gangster Cyrus, 1950s nerd Stuart, and The Judge, a gunslinger from the Old West. The ghosts haunt houses so Frank can then exorcise them for a fee. Most locals consider him a con man.

Last Exit to Brooklyn. Poster of the 1989 movie and cover of the 1964 book
Last Exit to Brooklyn
Hubert Selby Jr., 1964
movie vs book
Uli Edel, 1989

A gritty Brooklyn story about union corruption, violence, taboos and social norms. The stories told are of the sailors, the prostitute, the union bosses, the hooligans and the gay community set in the early 50s. A prostitute falls in love with one of her customers. Also a disturbed man discovers that he is homosexual.