Independence Day. Poster of the 1996 movie and cover of the book novelization
Independence Day
Dean Devlin, 1996
movie vs book   [NOVELIZATION]
Roland Emmerich, 1996

On July 2, 1996, an enormous mothership orbits the Earth, deploying multiple saucers, each with a fifteen-mile radius, that take positions over Earth’s major cities. With help from his ex-wife, White House Communications Director Constance Spano, David and his father Julius gain access to the Oval Office and alert President Thomas Whitmore to the threat.

Pretty in Pink. Poster of the 1986 movie and cover of the book novelization
Pretty in Pink
H.B. Gilmour, 1986
movie vs book   [NOVELIZATION]
Howard Deutch, 1986

High school senior Andie Walsh lives with her underemployed working class father Jack in a Chicago suburb. Andie’s best friend, the outsider Phil #Duckie# Dale, is in love with her, but is afraid to tell her how he truly feels. In school, Duckie and Andie, along with their friends, are harassed and bullied by the arrogant richie kids.