Great Expectations. Poster of the 1989 TV series and cover of the 1861 book
Great Expectations
Charles Dickens, 1861
TV series vs book
Kevin Connor, 1989

A young boy called Pip stumbles upon a hunted criminal who threatens him and demands food. A few years later, Pip finds that he has a benefactor. Imagining that Miss Havisham, a rich lady whose adopted daughter Estella he loves, is the benefactor, Pip believes in a grand plan at the end of which he will be married to Estella.

The Old Curiosity Shop. Poster of the 1995 movie and cover of the 1840 book
The Old Curiosity Shop
Charles Dickens, 1840
movie vs book
Kevin Connor, 1995

Nell Trent lives with her grandfather, the proprietor of the Old Curiosity Shop. Grandfather has a disquieting secret, a gambling addiction fed by high-interest loans from the bully Daniel Quilp. The villainous Quilp wants to get possession of the shop, and Nell. In league with his lawyer Samson Brass and Samson’s sister Sally, Quilp seizes Grandfather’s assets.

Shadow of Obsession. Poster of the 1994 movie and cover of the 1988 book, Unwanted Attentions
Unwanted Attentions
K.K. Beck, 1988
movie vs book
Kevin Connor, 1994

A woman is accused of killing her stalker, only to discover that he is still alive and determined to be with her no matter what.

The Apocalypse Watch. Poster of the 1997 movie and cover of the 1995 book
The Apocalypse Watch
Robert Ludlum, 1995
movie vs book
Kevin Connor, 1997

In the Hausruck Hills in Austria, CIA agent Harry Latham attempts infiltrating a secret training airfield belonging to the Brüderschaft der Wacht, a Neo-nazi movement gradually building a renaissance of the Nazi ideology across Europe. However, he’s exposed and captured, and the Brotherhood’s chief surgeon, Dr. Gerhardt Kroeger, performs a microchip implant experiment on Harry in an attempt to make him a controllable double-agent.