Roots. Poster of the 2016 TV series and cover of the 1976 book, Roots: The Saga of an American Family
Roots: The Saga of an American Family
Alex Haley, 1976
TV series vs book
Bruce Beresford, Thomas Carter, Phillip Noyce, Mario Van Peebles, 2016

A historical portrait of one family’s journey through American slavery and their will to survive and preserve their legacy in the face of unimaginable hardship. The series starts in 1760s, and follows the story of Kunta Kinte, a Mandinka warrior from Jufureh in The Gambia, in West Africa, who will be captured and sold to slavery in America.

Dracula. Poster of the 2013 TV series and cover of the 1897 book
Bram Stoker, 1897
TV series vs book
Cole Haddon, 2013

After being revived by a mysterious figure through the blood of a graveyard thief, Dracula arrives in London posing as Alexander Grayson, an American entrepreneur who claims to bring modern science to Victorian society. In reality, he seeks revenge on the Order of the Dragon, a power-hungry organization who ruined his life centuries earlier

The 12th Man. Poster of the 2017 movie and cover of the 2010 book, The 12th Man: A WWII Epic of Escape and Endurance
The 12th Man: A WWII Epic of Escape and Endurance
Astrid Karlsen Scott, Tore Haug, 2010
movie vs book
Harald Zwart, 2017

In Norway, 1943, Jan Baalsrud, a brave member of the resistance, faces a dire situation when a sabotage mission against the Nazis goes awry, resulting in the death of his eleven comrades. Now, he must evade the Gestapo as he embarks on a perilous journey through the icy and remote Arctic regions of Scandinavia.

Albert Nobbs. Poster of the 2011 movie and cover of the 1918 book, The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs
The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs
George Moore, 1918
movie vs book
Rodrigo García, 2011

Albert Nobbs is a butler at the Morrison Hotel in late-19th-century Dublin, Ireland; his boss is Mrs Baker. Although biologically female, Albert has spent the last 30 years living as a man. He has also been secretly saving money to buy a tobacconist shop to gain some measure of freedom and independence. Recently unemployed Joe Mackins arrives at the hotel and cons his way into a boilerman job.

Ride with the Devil. Poster of the 1999 movie and cover of the 1987 book, Woe to Live on
Woe to Live on
Daniel Woodrell, 1987
movie vs book
Ang Lee, 1999

Taking place in the midst of the Kansas-Missouri border conflict in 1862, this film features Tobey Maguire in the role of Jake and Skeet Ulrich as his companion, Jack Bull. Following the tragic death of Jack’s father at the hands of marauding members of the abolitionist Jayhawkers, the two friends align themselves with the Confederate-supporting Bushwhackers.

Prozac Nation. Poster of the 2001 movie and cover of the 1994 book
Prozac Nation
Elizabeth Wurtzel, 1994
movie vs book
Erik Skjoldbjærg, 2001

Elizabeth Lizzie Wurtzel is a 19-year-old accepted into Harvard with a scholarship in journalism. She begins a relationship with another student, Rafe, but after travelling to his home in Texas and discovering that his sister has an intellectual disability, Lizzie accuses Rafe of being’a creepy voyeur’ who gets off on witnessing the pain of others.

Vanity Fair. Poster of the 2004 movie and cover of the 1848 book
Vanity Fair
William Makepeace Thackeray, 1848
movie vs book
Mira Nair, 2004

In 1802 United Kingdom, Becky Sharp, the orphaned daughter of an impoverished painter, has just finished her studies at Miss Pinkerton’s School for Girls and has been offered a position as governess to the daughters of Sir Pitt Crawley. Before she begins her position she travels to London with her close friend Amelia Sedley to stay with the Sedley family.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Poster of the 2013 movie and cover of the 2007 book, City of Bones
City of Bones
Cassandra Clare, 2007
movie vs book
Harald Zwart, 2013

New York City teenager Clary Fray begins seeing and drawing a strange symbol, worrying her mother Jocelyn Fray and family friend, Luke Garroway. Hodge explains that Valentine Morgenstern, an ex-Shadowhunter who betrayed the order, now seeks the Cup to control both Shadowhunters and demons.

Alexander. Poster of the 2004 movie and cover of the 1973 book, Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great
Robin Lane Fox, 1973
movie vs book
Oliver Stone, 2004

The story begins around 283 BC, with Ptolemy I Soter, who narrates throughout the film. Alexander grows up with his mother Olympias and his tutor Aristotle, where he finds interest in love, honor, music, exploration, poetry and military combat. His relationship with his father is destroyed when Philip marries Attalus’s niece, Eurydice. Alexander insults Philip after disowning Attalus as his kinsman, which results in Alexander’s banishment from Philip’s palace.

Damascus Cover. Poster of the 2017 movie and cover of the 1977 book
Damascus Cover
Howard Kaplan, 1977
movie vs book
Daniel Zelik Berk, 2017

Ari Ben-Sion, an Israeli spy posing as a German businessman named Hans Hoffmann in Berlin in 1989, must get an Israeli spy out of Syria but realizes that he is part of a much bigger plan.

Samurai Shirô
Danilo Beyruth, 2018
movie vs comic book
Vicente Amorim, 2021

The heiress to half of the Yakuza crime syndicate forges an uneasy alliance with an amnesiac stranger who believes an ancient sword binds their two fates. She must unleash war against the other half of the syndicate who wants her dead.