Thank You for Smoking. Poster of the 2005 movie and cover of the 1994 book
Thank You for Smoking
Christopher Buckley, 1994
movie vs book
Jason Reitman, 2005

Nick Naylor is a handsome, smooth-talking tobacco spokesman who attempts to influence the act of people in daily life and the vice-president of a tobacco lobby called the Academy of Tobacco Studies, which has been researching whether smoking tobacco causes lung diseases or not.

Up in the Air. Poster of the 2009 movie and cover of the 2001 book
Up in the Air
Walter Kirn, 2001
movie vs book
Jason Reitman, 2009

Ryan Bingham works for a human resources consultancy firm specializing in termination assistance. Ryan, unwilling to give up traveling, raises concerns that the new system could be impersonal and apathetic, and argues that Natalie lacks understanding about the firing process and how to handle emotionally vulnerable people.

Labor Day. Poster of the 2013 movie and cover of the 2009 book
Labor Day
Joyce Maynard, 2009
movie vs book
Jason Reitman, 2013

In 1987, Adele Wheeler is a depressed single mother who lives in a rural home with her 13-year-old son Henry. While they are shopping, a bloody man approaches Henry and makes them take him home to look after him.The man is revealed to be Frank Chambers, an escaped convict wanted by police.

Men, Women & Children. Poster of the 2014 movie and cover of the 2011 book, Men, Women, and Children
Men, Women, and Children
Chad Kultgen, 2011
movie vs book
Jason Reitman, 2014

A group of high school teenagers and their parents attempt to navigate the many ways the Internet has changed their relationships, their communications, their self-images, and their love lives.

The Front Runner. Poster of the 2018 movie and cover of the 2014 book, All the Truth Is Out
All the Truth Is Out
Matt Bai, 2014
movie vs book
Jason Reitman, 2018

After finishing second to Walter Mondale in the 1984 Democratic Party presidential primaries, former Senator Gary Hart is now the widely accepted frontrunner in the 1988 Democratic Party presidential primaries. Leading up to the formal launch of his campaign in April 1987, some of Gary’s campaign staff are concerned he won’t open up about himself, instead focusing on ideas and policy.