Dark City - The Cleaner. Poster of the 2024 TV series and cover of the 2006 book, The Cleaner
The Cleaner
Paul Cleave, 2006
TV series vs book
Rick Jacobson, 2024-

By day, Joe is an overlooked cleaner, but by night, he transforms into a serial killer. When a copycat killer emerges, Joe takes it upon himself to track them down before the authorities do. However, a potential victim unexpectedly turns the tables, thrusting Joe into the role of prey.

The Frighteners. Poster of the 1996 movie and cover of the book novelization
The Frighteners
Michael Jahn, 1996
movie vs book   [NOVELIZATION]
Peter Jackson, 1996

In 1990, architect Frank Bannister’s wife, Debra, dies in a car accident. He abandons his profession and his unfinished dream house sits incomplete. Following the accident, Frank gained the power to see ghosts and befriends three: 1970s street gangster Cyrus, 1950s nerd Stuart, and The Judge, a gunslinger from the Old West. The ghosts haunt houses so Frank can then exorcise them for a fee. Most locals consider him a con man.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Poster of the 2009 movie and cover of the book novelization
Rise of the Lycans
Greg Cox, 2009
movie vs book   [NOVELIZATION]
Patrick Tatopoulos, 2009

The film tells the story of Lucian, the first werewolf born capable of taking human form and the first to be called a Lycan. Sonja is reckless and insubordinate, and one night Lucian escapes the shackles preventing him from turning werewolf and rescues Sonja from his werewolf brethren.

Adrift. Poster of the 2018 movie and cover of the 1998 book, Red Sky in Mourning
Red Sky in Mourning
Tami Oldham Ashcraft, Susea McGearhart, 1998
movie vs book
Baltasar Kormákur, 2018

Five months before the hurricane, Tami Oldham arrives in Tahiti on board the schooner Sofia and meets Richard Sharp, a British sailor. Richard invites Tami for dinner aboard his boat Mayaluga. The two of them spend more time together and begin to plan a trip to sail to Japan. While downtown one day, Tami and Richard bump into Peter and Christine Crompton, owners of the Hazaña, a luxury Trintella 44 yacht.