E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Poster of the 1982 movie and cover of the book novelization
E.T. the Extra-terrestrial
Terry Collins, 2002
movie vs book   [NOVELIZATION]
Steven Spielberg, 1982

Alien botanists secretly visit Earth under cover of night to gather plant specimens in a California forest. It gradually becomes apparent that Elliot can feel the alien’s thoughts and emotional perceptions, which is clearly shown when the alien accidentally opens an umbrella, startling him and simultaneously startling Elliot in a kitchen several rooms away.

The Frighteners. Poster of the 1996 movie and cover of the book novelization
The Frighteners
Michael Jahn, 1996
movie vs book   [NOVELIZATION]
Peter Jackson, 1996

In 1990, architect Frank Bannister’s wife, Debra, dies in a car accident. He abandons his profession and his unfinished dream house sits incomplete. Following the accident, Frank gained the power to see ghosts and befriends three: 1970s street gangster Cyrus, 1950s nerd Stuart, and The Judge, a gunslinger from the Old West. The ghosts haunt houses so Frank can then exorcise them for a fee. Most locals consider him a con man.

Paul T. Goldman. Poster of the 2023 TV series and cover of the 2009 book, Duplicity: A True Story of Crime and Deceit
Duplicity: A True Story of Crime and Deceit
Paul T. Goldman, 2009
TV series vs book
Jason Woliner, 2023

Paul T. Goldman’s life is dramatically altered when he discovers that his spouse has been leading a secret second life. As he works to uncover the truth, he becomes embroiled in a web of deception, fraud and crime that leads him to transform from a timid person to a courageous one. Director Jason Woliner struggles to maintain control over the series as Goldman takes the lead in reenactments, alters the script and opposes Woliner’s creative direction.

The Stepford Wives. Poster of the 1975 movie and cover of the 1972 book
The Stepford Wives
Ira Levin, 1972
movie vs book
Bryan Forbes, 1975

Joanna Eberhart is a young wife who moves with her husband Walter and their two daughters from Manhattan to the idyllic Fairfield County, Connecticut, suburb of Stepford. Along with the glamorously beautiful tennis playing trophy wife Charmaine Wimperis, the three organize a women’s liberation meeting, but the gathering is a failure when the other wives continually divert the discussion to cleaning products.

The Howling. Poster of the 1981 movie and cover of the 1977 book
The Howling
Gary Brandner, 1977
movie vs book
Joe Dante, 1981

Karen White is a Los Angeles television news anchor who is being stalked by a serial murderer named Eddie Quist. In cooperation with the police, she takes part in a scheme to capture Eddie by agreeing to meet him in a sleazy porno theater. After a near deadly encounter with the serial killer, Karen is sent to a remote mountain resort whose residents may not be what they seem.

Cujo. Poster of the 1983 movie and cover of the 1981 book
Stephen King, 1981
movie vs book
Lewis Teague, 1983

Cujo, a friendly and easygoing St. Bernard, chases a wild rabbit and inserts his head into a cave, where a rabid bat bites him in the nose. Vic returns home to rekindle his marriage, only to find Donna and Tad missing and his house vandalized by Kemp.

Sunrise in Heaven. Poster of the 2019 movie and cover of the 2016 book, His Sunrise My Sunset
His Sunrise My Sunset
Jan Hurst, 2016
movie vs book
Waymon Boone, 2019

Jan is the daughter of a strict and controlling father with militant beliefs. Despite this, she falls in love with Steve, a young GI serving in the Air Force. The two must devise a plan to win over her father’s approval so they can be wed. Years later, following a catastrophic car accident, Jan’s husband lies in a coma, and she must maintain her faith in God as she confronts the possibility of his death.

The Lost. Poster of the 2006 movie and cover of the 2001 book
The Lost
Jack Ketchum, 2001
movie vs book
Chris Sivertson, 2006

Detective Charlie Schilling believes that Ray Pye is responsible for the murders of two young women four years ago. Despite knowing this, he still needs to find the evidence to prove it. Meanwhile, Ray falls for a new girl in town, Katherine Wallace, who may be his match.