The Peripheral. Poster of the 2022 TV series and cover of the 2014 book
The Peripheral
William Gibson, 2014
TV series vs book
Scott B. Smith, 2022-

A lady learns that she has a hidden connection to an other reality and a bleak future of her own in this futuristic story, which is set in a time when technology has gradually changed society.

Women of the Movement. Poster of the 2022 TV series and cover of the 2015 book, Emmett Till
Emmett Till
Devery S. Anderson, 2015
TV series vs book
Julie Dash, Tina Mabry, Kasi Lemmons, Gina Prince-Bythewood, 2022-

In 1955, Mamie Till-Mobley’s son Emmett Till was viciously murdered in the Jim Crow South. Her fight to make sure he would not be forgotten and to get justice for him would ultimately help to spawn the civil rights movement.

Trial by Fire. Poster of the 2018 movie and cover of the 2009 book
Trial by Fire
David Grann, 2009
movie vs book
Edward Zwick, 2018

On December 23, 1991, Cameron Todd Willingham awakes to find his house ablaze. Despite his best-efforts, Willingham is unable to save the lives of his three daughters. At his trial, the prosecutor, Rick Perry, reveals the fire had been caused deliberately with gasoline spread in the shape of a pentagram and the refrigerator moved to block the door.

The Front Runner. Poster of the 2018 movie and cover of the 2014 book, All the Truth Is Out
All the Truth Is Out
Matt Bai, 2014
movie vs book
Jason Reitman, 2018

After finishing second to Walter Mondale in the 1984 Democratic Party presidential primaries, former Senator Gary Hart is now the widely accepted frontrunner in the 1988 Democratic Party presidential primaries. Leading up to the formal launch of his campaign in April 1987, some of Gary’s campaign staff are concerned he won’t open up about himself, instead focusing on ideas and policy.