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The six Oscars All Quiet on the Western Front has won

In 2023, Best International Film, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, and Best Production Design. And in 1930, Best Picture and Best Director.

How good are the two adaptations of A Man Called Ove?

Tom Hanks vs Rolf Lassgård. Who plays better Otto (or Ove) in the two screen adaptations of the bestselling novel by Fredrik Backman?

Steven Spielberg films: movie posters and book covers mosaic

How many books have been adapted by Steven Spielberg?

Many of Steven Spielberg’s movies are based on books. What caught his attention for him to adapt each one of these books?

Anxious People: Is the Netflix adaptation as popular as the book?

The heartwarming and hilarious story by Fredrik Backman is one of the most popular titles on our website. But which do people prefer, the book or the mini-series?

Anxious People. Poster of the 2021 TV series and cover of the 2019 book



Movie vs book, which is better?*

How good is the adaptation? Is the movie worth watching? Is the book worth reading? The debate is served. Find out what people say…

* Yes, we know… Cinema and literature are quite different and not very comparable media. But when a book is made into a movie, the game of comparing becomes inevitable, making way for an interesting and passionate debate that arises from the initial question: Which do you think is better?

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Thousands of titles to find out*

Find movies and TV series based on books, books and comic books adapted to screen, and novelizations and other book adaptations.

* Yes, really! There are thousands of movies based on books. Books have been a source of inspiration since the earliest days of cinema, and the practice of bringing books to screen has become even more recurring in recent years, in which the film industry has seen in books and comic books a sure value for their stories.

“It's a difficult thing when you make a film of a book. You have two hours to tell the story, and it's never going to be enough.”